Nitin Group of Companies shall be a market leader and growing engineering organization dedicated to excellence through quality, creating value for customers, employees through innovation technology and operational expertise. We are technology driven company at our core with an overriding commitment to quality and our primary measures of success are customers’ satisfaction and shareholders value. It is our strategic vision to conduct business with highest standard of ethics as we always believe “Honesty and Integrity are cornerstones of Nitin Culture”
Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. The company will make every effort to deliver the highest quality products and services in business. The company will develop new strategies and plans based on customer driven philosophy for gaining competitive advantage, needed to meet the business objectives. Customers and employees input will be actively sought and strategically used for continuous improvement of quality and to fulfill ongoing customer needs. Strive to deal with our customers in an open and transparent manner. Continual improvement of “Processes, products, services and people” will be the norm in our business. Provide employees an environment, opportunity for growth and a safe healthy work environment that is conducive to consistent peak performance Encourage employees to pursue training and development opportunity. Implement several environmental sensitive technologies to reduce pollution and restore ecological balance around us. Strive to provide best and advanced national & international certified product range.